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Mon, 01 Dec 1997 07:14:32 -0500

I agree completely with the following clips from Donald's analysis of work
and money.  If anybody cares.  I've been living by those principles for
nearly fourteen years.  The only thing I'd add is that "capitalism" has
become one of those subjective words that people get emotional about (like
"patriotism"); I think we should dig deeper than the buzz words (which
Donald is doing so well here).

Love you guys!

Ellen Thomas

>Opportunities to work do not necessarily mean meaningfullness of work.  I
>have many opportunities to work in fast food, but they only serve to lower
>my self esteem because I am too low-priced of a whore to be able to afford
>to feed and house myself.  Yet, when I volunteer my time and energy to
>help needy people or to clean up the public commons, my self esteem rises
>even though my pocketbook does not benefit.  In fact, volunteering is the
>best way that I have found to bring me out of depression.  Whereas,
>working at a meaningless job (other then economic meaning) is a great way
>to make me depressed.  (SNIP)  The system
>has not and will not make me work for money.  I see money as coming from
>and supporting a system which murders and marginalizes people, and I
>refuse to participate in or reproduce such a system.  (SNIP)
>And I have to disagree with Liberty, because it is not cheaper to put
>people on pension that it is to help the become economically
>self-sufficient.  My reason for this statement is that economic
>self-sufficiency is an oxymoron and thus impossible to achieve.  What
>capitalists and politicians want to call economic self-sufficiency is
>actually dependency on the money that drives their economic and
>governmental systems.  If people were to be economically self-sufficient
>then they would not need money, and as AmeriKKKan and KKKanadian history
>have shown those people's who were economically self-sufficient (the
>native indians) were exterminated so room could be made for more
>economically dependent types of people (the Europeans).
>Like I'm saying, we need to be very careful how we define our problems,
>and the means to solve them.  We've already opened the Pandora's Box of
>capitalism and it has been found wanting.  We need to find real
>alternatives for people being oppressed by current economic and political
>systems.  And I'm not willing to accept alternatives that place some
>political or economic value on my life.
>Donald W. Bokor