RE:Psych. label bible mocked in London Times

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At 12:16 AM 01/12/97 -0500, Bruce D. Burleson wrote:

>And I think Marx called it "alienation."  The capitalists won't admit
>it, but Marx was right about a lot of things, the theory of alienation
>being one of them.

But Marx also said the state will whither away, leading the world to 
a situation where there will be no need for laws, as people will 
"naturally" be good to each other and not rob each other.  I don't see 
much of that happening.  Marx also proposed a violent revolution to
overthrow capitalism.  I think that is what Stalin did, and why this
type of method of solving human problems is so wrong.

By the way, did you know that Karl Marx was financially supported by
Frederich Engels, whose family was among the wealthiest of capitalists
at the time?  It is one thing to be an idealist, and quite another to ...


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