upcoming OCAP events

Bonnie Briggs (s248_1132@hotmail.com)
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 11:56:53 PDT

Drums in the park
Hi gang,
  I went to the OCAP meeting last night, here is a list of our upcoming 

1. An event called, "No To Police Thuggery!". People will be gathering 
in Brant Park, (one block west of Spadina, south of Richmond), at 7:00 
pm on Friday, August 14th to try and create a "safe park" for homeless 
people to sleep. There will be a meal provided. People from OCAP and 
Anti-Racist Action will be in the park from Friday, August 14th to 
Saturday, August 15th, 11:00 pm to 10:00 am to to keep an eye on what's 
going on. We are doing this because we have had problems with the cops, 
especially 51 and 52 Division cops, cracking down on squeegee kids and 
homeless people as they attempt to sleep in the parks. They are being 
attacked by the cops, kicked awake, and their belongings have been 
searched and photographs taken. We feel everyone deserves a good night's 

2. A homeless campout outside the Salvation Army hostel at Dundas and 
Victoria on Friday, August 21st at 7:00 pm. A meal will be provided. 
OCAP will be camping out on the street overnight. We are calling it 
"Camp Rae" after Kyle Rae, a City Counsellor who is also the main 
mouthpiece behind the Yonge/Dundas "Redevelopment" Project. The City 
wants to redevelop the whole Yonge and Dundas area and drive the 
homeless and their services out. Rae cited business opposition and 
interference with tourist dollars when he had the overnight shelter 
closed on June 1st. 50 homeless people were thrown out into the street. 
However, when OCAP canvassed the businesses in the area, we found very 
little opposition to the hostel. We have picketing the businesses in the 
area in an effort to get the shelter open. "Camp Kyle" will be a regular 
encampment to stick it to the City and defend people's right to shelter. 

3. A rally and a march in support of street youth on Saturday, August 
22nd at 3:00 pm. OCAP and Anti-Racist Action will be gathering at 
Alexandra at Bathurst N of Queen. We are doing it because our 
"wonderful" Mayor, Mel Lastman, has called squeegee kids "thugs", among 
other epithets. We want to show that the cops are the thugs. Bring 
banners, signs and lots of attitude. 

  For more information or to offer support or endorsements, call OCAP at 
(416) 925-6939 or ARA at (416) 631-8835. Those are our upcoming events, 
if you're going to be in Toronto in the next few weeks, you are welcome 
to join us. 

Drums in the park. 
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