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Theodore Latham (tedrico@hotmail.com)
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 01:08:50 PDT

Jericho Road <jericho@jericho.org> wrote:
>Subject: Tedrico's homeless page ...
>Cc: abuse@xoom.com, dave@xoom.com, bruce@xoom.com, 
>My name is Rich Cook, and I run http://www.jericho.org.  We list other
>non-profits on the net for free, at least 80% of the non-profits we 
>are not even on the net.  We do not have advertiser's, everything comes 
>of pocket for us and we are all volunteers.  We are trying to run a 
>based in the spirit of what the net is about, and personally I hold to 
>"information wants to be free" approach.
>It was with sadness to here that you have decided to cancel Tedrico's
>homeless page.  It was even sadder to hear of how you went about it.  I
>know that I am idealistic, but it doesn't seem to make any sense to 
>a site that actually can help people.
>Of course, we know that there aren't a lot of homeless people using the 
>(this is changing as more libraries and churches offer free access), 
>his page as with our site provides a wonderful set of resources for 
>people that want to help others.  It is a shame to see an ISP that 
>from the very essence of the connectionalness of the Net but refuses to 
>the possible benefit that can be had as well.
>We are not a huge site, we average about 75 hits a day, but you 
>beleive the types of emails we get from all over the world.
>We are asking that you please reconsider Tedrico's site and the general
>goodwill that a site like that might bring your company.
>Rich Cook
> 		---------------------------
>Jericho Road, Inc.			4511 Violet Cove
>jericho@jericho.org			Memphis, TN 38122
>http://www.jericho.org		(901) 763-3886

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