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Theodore Latham (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 22:13:01 PDT


    Thanks for relaying that message to Bruce. I hope to here a 
statement from them again soon because I know that you and many others 
ahve been writing & calling them round the clock. I have 418 people on 
my mailing list and 107 of them are still on the streets, and I'm sure 
the majority of them have written XOOM about this issue as well. I'll 
keep you and HPN updated on the happenings.


Tedrico Latham

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"Bonnie Briggs" <> wrote:
>Drums in the park
>Hello Bruce,
>  I'm sorry, that response is not good enough. Tedrico had no such 
>violation on his page. You're going to have to come up with a better 
>reason than that for deleting his page. Give him back his page now! 
>actions will only result in a boycott of your services and a lot of bad 
>publicity. We will put the word out on the Net and let people know what 
>you did. We will make sure you are vilified around the world. So, it is 
>in your best interest to restore Tedrico's page. 
>Drums in the park. 
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