Andrew Rose (arose@macromedia.com)
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 10:59:55 -0700

Bruce, this is Andy Rose, I work for Macromedia in San Francisco for the
last four years and have been somewhat involved in street level activism
through Food Not Bombs in San Francisco.  I've also facilitated the Food Not
Bombs email list and web site for going on 6 years.  I followed the rise of
the "homeless" pages in the last few years and in comparison to much of
what's on the web, it is useful and real.

I'd like to relate a few things to you.

First is I completely understand you are trying to run a business and that
trade-mark suits are trouble.  I am writing you from a place of compassion.

Second, regarding what I read as 'attacks' on you as a person, myself as a
yuppie eastern educated white guy, I have had a share of abuse heaped on me
by some folks, even as I serve food free on the street.  It is not the
easiest position to be a) objectified, b) misunderstood and c) attacked,
which seems to be what is happening to you.

Some folks (which is a massive generalization, but it will do for now) can
talk hugely tough and generate lots of ideas about how that are going to get
"even", many engage in this all day long.  One reason for homelessness is
the lack of skill in the culture to simply "get along", both by the powerful
and disempowered.  The anger generated by powerlessness etc is a dangerous
and corrosive force.

So I beg your patience and tolerance for those who are blind siding you -
there's is a tough row to hoe.

Third, Ted's page was actually a good thing, and I'm sure the trade-mark
issue or whatever issue could be resolved.  Please consider working with me
to get the page back up.

I have something of a relationship with Ted (he knows me and we have
web-worked together on occasion).  Please feel free to use me in whatever
way to resolve this conflict.

Fourth, Ted Latham's page, the Food Not Bombs pages, and other web resources
are doing something that has never been done before, giving voice to the
homeless.  This may not seem like such a big deal but let me put a little
light on this.  Whenever there is an editorial or newspaper article
attacking homelessness, demonizing the poor, portraying people's life styles
in a negative light when they simply have no options, we know about and can
act.  I refuse to consent to a society that seeks scapegoats rather then
address needs.  It was not the Jews that Hitler concentrated first, it was
the homeless and mentally ill.

I look forward to hearing from you so this can be resolved quickly, without
further damage and division.

thanks, in compassion