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Below is a listing of the most recent reports, periodicals, policy
briefs, occasional papers, etc. available at the Urban
Institute's webpage.

* Does Work Pay? An Analysis of the Work Incentives under TANF
By Gregory Acs, Norma Coe, Keith Watson and Robert I. Lerman
Report: http://newfederalism.urban.org/html/occa9.html
Press Release: http://www.urban.org/news/pressrel/pr980727.html

* Job Prospects for Welfare Recipients: Employers Speak Out
By Marsha Regenstein, Jack A. Meyer (Economic and Social Research
Institute) and Jennifer Dickemper Hicks (Mathew Greenwald and Associates)
HTML: http://newfederalism.urban.org/html/occ10.htm
PDF: http://newfederalism.urban.org/pdf/occa10.pdf
Press Release: http://www.urban.org/news/pressrel/pr980727.html

* Health Insurance Coverage Transitions of Older Americans
By Pamela J. Loprest and Sheila R. Zedlewski
Report: http://www.urban.org/health/health_older.html

* One Year After Federal Welfare Reform: A Description of State Temporary
Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Decisions as of October 1997
By L. Jerome Gallagher, Megan Gallagher, Kevin Perese, Susan Schreiber and
Keith Watson
HTML: http://newfederalism.urban.org/html/occas6.htm
PDF: http://newfederalism.urban.org/pdf/tanf2.pdf

* Pension and Saving Incentives By the Bushel-Load
By C. Eugene Steuerle
HTML: http://www.urban.org/tax/str62998.htm

* Counting the Uninsured: A Review of the Literature
By Kimball Lewis, Marilyn Ellwood and John Czajka (Mathematica Policy
Research, Inc.)
HTML: http://newfederalism.urban.org/html/occ8.htm
PDF: http://newfederalism.urban.org/pdf/occ8.pdf

* Income Support and Social Services for Low-Income People in California
By Rob Geen, Wendy Zimmermann, Toby Douglas, Sheila Zedlewski and Shelley
HTML: http://newfederalism.urban.org/html/caincome.html
PDF: http://newfederalism.urban.org/pdf/isss_ca.pdf

* D.C.-Area Ties to Religious Congregations (No. 3 in Series)
By Eric C. Twombly and Carol J. De Vita
HTML: http://www.urban.org/periodcl/cnp/cnp_3.htm
PDF: http://www.urban.org/periodcl/cnp/cnp_3.pdf

* Health Care Quality: At What Cost? (No. 13 in Series)
By Len M. Nichols
HTML: http://www.urban.org/PERIODCL/pubsect/pub_13.htm
PDF: http://www.urban.org/PERIODCL/pubsect/pub_13.pdf

* Six Tax Laws Later: How Individuals' Marginal Federal Income Tax Rates
Changed Between 1980 and 1995
By Leonard E. Burman (The Urban Institute), William G. Gale (The Brookings
Institution), and David Weiner (Congressional Budget Office)
HTML: http://www.urban.org/tax/nta.htm

* The Future of State Taxation
By David Brunori
Book Module: http://www.urban.org/pubs/state_tax/index.htm

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