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Children's Defense Fund Update
August 7, 1998

In this issue:
-- House and Senate Recess
-- Child Care Now!

The House and Senate have both adjourned for August recess.  The Senate is
expected to return to Washington on August 31st.  The House is expected to
return to session on September 9th.  It is important to contact your
Senators and Representative while they are home.  This is a good
opportunity for them to hear your concerns about many important issues we
have been working on the last several months.  For more information on
these issues and others, please visit CDF's web site at
www.childrensdefense.org.  To find the local phone number for your Members
of Congress call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121, visit
http://congress.org/, or call your local League of Women Voters, elections
office, or county or state party operation.

--Child Care--
Despite the set back for child care when the tobacco bill (which included
the Kerry/Bond Child Care Amendment) was pulled from the Senate floor in
June, CDF will continue to work with national, state, and local
organizations to pass an increase in funding for the Child Care and
Development Block Grant.  In the fall, we will focus on securing additional
funding in the budget process.  It is important that members of the House
and Senate hear about the need for quality, affordable child care and
after-school activities in your community.

--Violence Prevention--
There is much work to be done to prevent violence against and by children,
especially gun violence.  First, Senator Hatch has vowed to bring S. 10 to
the Senate floor in September, so Senators need to hear once again that S.
10 is a misguided approach to keeping children safe and on track, because
it would allow children to be put in adult jails and prisons, it would fail
to significantly invest in prevention, and it would fail to keep children
safe from gunfire.  Second, encourage Senators and Representatives to
endorse the Kennedy/McCarthy Children's Gun Violence Prevention Act.
Third, urge Representatives and Senators to support strong prevention
investments in the House Commerce-State-Justice Appropriations Bill, which
passed the House this week (with $125 million for prevention) and will be
conferenced with the Senate bill (with $95 million for prevention).  For
more details see CDF Update 7/31.

--The Budget Bill--
The House has passed a budget resolution that includes a massive $101
billion tax cut that would be paid for by cutting programs to low-income
children and families.  The Senate has passed its own version of a budget
resolution with $30 billion in tax cuts.  The House and Senate will attempt
to resolve their budget differences after the August recess.  Members of
Congress must hear that children and their families cannot afford slashes
in Medicaid, cash aid, benefits for those with disabilities, food stamps,
or the Earned Income Tax Credit and Congress should oppose cutting services
and benefits needed by poor and moderate income families in order to fund
expensive tax cuts largely benefiting the wealthy.  For more details see
CDF Update 7/17.

--Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Bill--
At a time of economic prosperity and growing budget surpluses, the House
Appropriations Committee has proposed an Appropriations Bill that slashes
funding for vital programs serving low-income children and families and
fails to provide investments in program needed to help America's most
vulnerable children have the opportunity to become productive members of
our society.  The House will consider this bill after the August recess, so
urge your Representative to reject this bill and move forward with a
measure that addresses the needs of children and families.

--Help Congress Get The Picture--
Let children speak up by designing banners, posters, and pictures to
deliver the child care message to Congress.  We need Congress to increase
funding for child care this year, so please act now!

Children of all ages (and children at heart) can get involved.  Be
creative!  All children's programs, day care homes and centers, summer
camps, libraries, churches, community centers, and friends can participate.
Ask children to create their own hand-drawn banners, posters, and pictures.
Please send us as many drawings as you can.  Include the message "Act Now!
We Need Quality Child Care and Safe After-School Activities!" on each

Child Care Now! plans to hold a national press conference and deliver the
drawings to Congress in mid-September.  To make this event a huge success,
we need thousands of drawings from across the country.  Mail all drawings
to Child Care Now! 25 E Street NW, Washington, DC 20001.  Questions? Call
Brooke Thacher at 202-662-3557.


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