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The Family and Medical Leave Act (1993) permits covered employees to take
12 weeks of unpaid leave at the birth or adoption of a child, OR for the
serious illness of an immediate family member or the employee's own
illness.  This law only applies to employers of 50 or more employees, plus
the employee must have worked for 12 months - minimum of 1250 hours to be
eligible.  (Nancy Dowd, 1993:339)

This paltry act is pretty well the extent of US family policy, there are
3rd world countries that do better.  A recent UN study found
that the US has the least generous maternity and nursing benefits in the
entire industrialized world. 80% of 152 countries offered paid maternity
And in more than 80 countries the law allows for breaks in the workday for

I know that Tennessee's work requirement begins when the child is 16 weeks
old. I've seen state documents stating that they are required to comply
with the Federal law, and so cannot send a woman straight to work
immediately after giving birth.  What does the Ohio law say about this?  I
am certainly not a lawyer, And these women NEED one.

As to being forced to stop nursing a baby, the La Leche League can provide
information as to the irrevocable harm done by abrupting cutting an
infant off.

Damn this makes me mad.  I don't know why we do not all stop
participating in this corrupt system and get out there in the streets.

Has there been media attention to any of this?  Giving birth is not good
cause?  The national media should be all over this.  Anyone else out there
ready to secede from this immoral nation?

Let me know WHAT I can do.


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On Sun, 9 Aug 1998, Julie Star wrote:

> Dear listmembers,
> I am still awaiting the results of my state hearing. My guess is that
> they are stalling until I start school next month when they probably
> intend to change my worksite anyway so that the hearing will be a mute
> point in their opinion. They seem to want to completely ignore the
> medical issues.
> Does anyone have any information on the Family Leave Law or know where I
> can find it. We have two new girls in a PEAK Industries both with
> children under the age of 1. One of them was forced to work as a nursing
> mother of a 2 month old. She was subsequently forced to quit nursing.
> The other was supposed to attend some kind of testing at Human Services
> on June 16th. I assume this is some kind of placement testing to prepare
> people for GED testing or something. She missed the testing because she
> had the gall to give birth on that day. She was promptly sanctioned for
> the month of July. Her testing was rescheduled for July 23 since this
> testing is only done once a month. She couldn't have made it up in June
> if she tried and yet having a child is not good cause! All the new
> workers coming into PEAK are being assigned hours before their cases are
> even approved and before they have received any benefits. All of them
> are having to fight for benefits even after they have them working. I
> was told one girl, who is no longer there, worked for two months before
> they told her that they could not approve her case. So who paid her for
> the 2 months of work that she did? NO ONE!
> Comments anyone?
> Julie Star
> star@nwonline.net