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Ruth Wielgosz wrote:

+AD4- The following info is an excerpt from the National Alliance to End
+AD4- Homelessness +ACI-Grass Roots Alert+ACI- fax:
+AD4- ...the Alliance has joined with other groups to form the National
+AD4- Welfare Monitoring and Advocacy Partnership. ....

I wanted to give a fuller description and invite people to get involved.
NWMAP (pronounced +ACI-NOW-map+ACI-) is a collaboration of organizers, advocates,
researchers and service providers from across the United States concerned
with the well-being of low-income people.  NWMAP's activities are
three-fold:  monitoring, organizing and advocacy.  NWMAP supports the
monitoring of welfare at the community level to inform both grassroots and
national advocacy efforts and to build the capacity of local communities to
advocate on their own behalf.

This group is in the formative stage still, and a more formal announcement
will be coming soon.  Besides us, national partners include the National
Coalition for the Homeless, the Childrens Defense Fund, the National Law
Center on Homelessness and Poverty, Jobs with Justice, the Institute for
Children and Poverty, and many others.  (It is an extremely inclusive
so if your organization is interested based on the description above,
call or e-mail me or anyone else involved about the next conference call).

Right now we are working on two main projects.  The first is supporting
local events and activities around August 22, the second anniversary of the
welfare law.  We're encouraging our local affiliates to hold rallies, press
conferences, town meetings, Congressional visits etc. to publicize what
welfare reform has done in their communities, concentrating on the themes
opportunity and fairness.  We have a sample op-ed piece for placing in
papers, a list of suggested events, and a one-pager describing the themes
and some ways of talking about them.

The other project is a voluntary questionnaire that social service
such as homeless shelters and soup kitchens will be able to give to people
who come to use their services.  It includes questions about denial,
termination or reduction in TANF benefits+ADs- other benefits and forms of
support+ADs- what the families have experienced as a result, experiences with
the job market, etc.  Plans are in progress to be able to collect and
analyze this data centrally, and to be able to use the results on advocacy
efforts at all levels.

If you're interested and can't reach me (I'll be out of the office for the
next two weeks), try Barbara Duffield at the National Coalition for the
Homeless, 202-737-6444.

Steve Berg
National Alliance to End Homelessness
1518 K Street NW, Suite 206
Washington, DC  20005
202-638-1526 (voice)
202-638-4664 (fax)