"Crip Commentary" reminder

Thomas Cagle (nh-adapt@juno.com)
Sat, 8 Aug 1998 06:21:06 -0400

From: Laura Hershey 
Subject: "Crip Commentary" reminder
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1998 15:08:05 -0400

Don't let your week end without reading the latest edition of "Crip
Commentary," Laura Hershey's weekly web column. Go to

This week's offering is a re-release of a still-timely classic --
"Necessity is the Mother of Activism" -- which originally appeared in the

Denver Post in June, 1994.

And be sure to check back next week -- after Monday at 12 noon mountain
time -- for a brand-new column! Next week's topic: "Who Profits from
Disabled People's Poverty?" It's bound to challenge, provoke, anger, or
inspire... depending on the reader's perspective.

"Crip Commentary," Laura Hershey's weekly web column, explores the issues

that people with disabilities and their families and friends care about
most! -- employment, arts & culture, benefits, civil rights, activism.
Visit each week to read lively, provocative prose that's always
and often controversial. The URL is