Re: Censorship of Homeless Advocates!

Theodore Latham (
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 16:17:15 PDT


    Thanks for your e-mail support in this issue my friend. I hope that 
when they see that their actions has effected "StandUp For Kids", which 
serves runaway kids, homeless youth, and children as well, then it may 
make XOOM think more about how they'd be doing the right thing by 
restoring my site and allowing me remove anything that they deem to be 
an infringement if there was one at all. Please continue to e-mail XOOM 
and here is some additional contact info if you'd like to use it:

 XOOM, Inc.
 433 California St., #910
 San Francisco, CA 94104
 415.445.2525 Voice
 415.445.2526 Fax

Here is another # that may be of help:

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
Smith, Dave  (DS8987)  dave@XOOM.COM  ext. 122
Leeverman, Bruce      bruce@XOOM.COM  ext. 153
(415) 445-2525 (FAX) (415) 445-2526


Tedrico Latham

Your Informative Homelessness Resource Link!
P.O. Box 514 Rich Square, NC 27869 (252)539-4228

"Richard L. Koca, Sr.," <> wrote:
>Subject: Censorship of Homeless Advocates!

I'm presuming that there is a better answer than
the one your staff sent to Tedrico.

As an Executive Director of a number of programs
that deal "hands on" with homeless and street kids,
I rely on sites, such as the one you totally dismissed,
to provide me with information.

When you provide an honest answer, please include
me as a recipient.

If you visit our web site, you will see that I spent 30
years in the Navy prior to founding StandUp For Kids,
an all volunteer program.  I was sure that we fought for
the freedoms, that someone on your staff so carelessly,
and without disregard for the consequences, heralds him/her
self as the "maker of the rules."

I'm disappointed!

Sincerely, Richard L. Koca, Sr.,

Richard L. Koca, Sr.,
Founder & National Executive Director, StandUp For Kids
(A national nonprofit, all volunteer program for homeless and street kids)

National Headquarters - Denver, Colorado
1111 Osage St., Suite 205-C Denver, CO 80204
Phone:  1.800.365.4KID


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