Re: Expunging of tedrico site

Theodore Latham (
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 05:33:22 PDT


    You insight serves you well. XOOM is definately covering up 
something and frankly, if their was a trademark violation on my site, I 
would have been the 1st to know, or we'd both have been contacted 
jointly by the aledged complainant. I think either XOOM was paid off to 
do this or they misused my information on my site somehow and had to get 
rid of it to keep me from being sued and I in turn sueing them ... which 
I happen to be entertaining now, pending their second, hopefully 
truthful and satisfactory, response. Please continue to e-mail them and 
keep their e-mail box full so they will be forced to respond again.


Tedrico Latham

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From: World Ministry of Prayer <> wrote
>Having seen your response regarding a trademark violation, I have to 
>I simply don't believe it.  If it were true, then it would be
>appropriate to ask to have it removed, not to expunge the entire site.
>This was inappropriate, and out of integrity.  And citing a 
>legal reason is just plain silly.  Thank you for sharing.  Your 
>is not credible.
>Crystal Cheryl Bell
>Agape Homeward Bound Ministries

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