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Theodore Latham (
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 03:50:42 PDT


   That's always the case isn't it .. "impoverished people at the mercy 
of those with economic means". XOOM has is nothing more than an economic 
opressor of those without sufficient funds to stand up against them. I 
won't allow them to get away with this, and if my demands are met, then 
I'll make them with they had hired me to promote them in a positive way 
instead of the negative way which I'm prepared to launch upon their next 
response to you and the many supporters of Tedrico's Page who clearly 
want to get to the truth of this matter. Thanks for your support and 
don't let up on them!


Tedrico Latham

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"Barbara E. Wand James" <> wrote:
>Subject: Removal of Tedrico's Website
>Dear Webmaster:
>As an advocate for children and youth who are in homeless situations, I
>found the website by Tedrico very informative and useful.  I recently
>received information that the site allegedly was removed without 
>and for no reason at all, except perhaps a political agenda  that once
>again puts impoverished people at the mercy of those with economic 
>I would like to know if indeed your company did purposely remove this
>website because of its strong advocacy for persons experiencing
>homelessness.  If so, then shame, shame on you.  If it was an honest
>mistake, then I would hope that you would work diligently to restore 
>site, since it is used extensively by many people who work with and on
>behalf of homeless people, as well as by homeless people themselves.
>Please respond to my request as soon as possible.  Thank you.
>Barbara E. Wand James
>Barbara E. (Wand) James
>The University of Texas at Austin
>The Charles A. Dana Center
>Office for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth
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>(512) 475-8765 direct
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