Squeegee law on tap

Graeme Bacque (gbacque@idirect.com)
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 05:53:46 -0700

Thursday, August 6, 1998 The Toronto Sun

  Squeegee law on tap

  Harris vows he'll draft Ontario legislation


  SASKATOON --  Legislation may be drafted "quickly" to rid
  Toronto's streets of squeegee kids, Premier Mike Harris says.

  Harris is prepared to outlaw the renegade windshield-washers if
  opposition parties can be convinced to support a bill that could
  be introduced this fall.

  "If there is all-party agreement, that can move pretty quickly in
  the Legislature," Harris told reporters yesterday.

  "If there is something that makes sense, and we can get
  unanimity, I'm sure we can find (legislative) time to deal with it."

  Crime commissioner Jim Brown, the MPP examining the
  squeegee problem, said he is anxious to draft new or amend
  existing laws.

  "I'm glad the premier is on side," Brown said. "We have to
  change the Highway Traffic Act and we have to change the
  Provincial Offences Act in order to put some teeth into them."

  Brown met with 52 Division officers yesterday, who told him that
  "squeegee pests" do a lot more than harass motorists.

  "They consume a tremendous amount of police time and
  resources with related activities like squatting in parks and
  hassling business owners."

  However, Harris cautioned against overreaction. "There has been
  a lot of focus on the issue. It's a catchy, newsy issue but it's
  certainly not dominating anybody's agenda, including city