Dead man found in parking lot

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August 6, 1998=20

Dead man found in parking lot=20

By Tracy Huffman=20
Toronto Star Staff Reporter

A man, possibly homeless, has been found dead in his car in a Wellington
St. parking lot.=20

Believed to be in his mid-40s, the man was discovered yesterday morning by
someone who parked next to the small gray 1984 Chevette.=20

Police were called to the parking lot behind 46 Spadina Ave. at about 9:30
a.m., said Detective Constable Debbie Harris.=20

``The car (with the body) is going to be removed down to CFS (Centre for
Forensic Sciences) and the doctors will take a look at him there,'' Harris

Police would not release the man's name as his next-of-kin had not yet been

Parking attendant Towfik Mohamed said the man had slept in the parking lot
every night for the past two months.=20

``He sleeps here. I come at 7 a.m. to work . . . he sees me, he goes,''
Mohamed said.=20

On Tuesday, the car did not leave the lot, Mohamed said, and he did not
check in the vehicle during the day. He never really talked to the man,
other than to ask him to leave, he said.=20

When Mohamed came to work yesterday morning, the person who parked his car
next to the Chevette noticed the man inside and notified Mohamed. He then
had his boss call police.=20

Sometimes the man would go into a small shed at the back corner of the lot
to sleep, while other times he would sleep in the vehicle, Mohamed said.
The man never drove into the lot until after the parking lot was no longer
monitored for the evening.=20

Harris said she could not give any more details about the death. Police
were treating the area as a crime scene, but Harris noted the man could
have died of natural causes.=20

``There are no visible signs of injury or trauma to the body,'' Harris
said. An autopsy is scheduled for today.=20

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