Tedrico's Home page

Leslie Schentag (wy497@victoria.tc.ca)
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 08:55:08 -0700 (PDT)

I have just heard of your removal of Tedrico's Home Page at Xoom.
 I demand that that you restore Tedrico's Home page immediately.
That particular home page is important to the homeless  people of both
Canada and the US. He supplies information about the current state of
poverty and homelessness in both countries.
I am a free-lance journalist that writes articles and editorial letters
dealing with the issues surrounding the homeless. Tedrico's home page
allows me to have the information spread throughout Canada and the US.
 I have just recently won a Voice of the Homeless Award for an articl that
I had published in Monday Magazine in May 1996. I had written it during
the last BC Provincial election when I was office manager for the Green
Party of British Columbia, in the city of Victoria.
 Restore Tedrico's Home Page and allow the Homeless people a chance to
communicate and have the issues of homelessness dealt with so they can
live in peace.
Homeless people communicate over the internet from public access terminals
at libraries and municipal centers(City Hall).
Must you be so unkind and callous as to deny the homeless the right to be
And may I remind you people, that with the current economic state of both
Canada and the US, you may very well be homeless yourselves. 

Yours Truly
Leslie Schentag

  "When Freedom Is Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Be Free"