Re: New Toronto has less tolerance for street people, squeegee

Graeme Bacque (
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 06:47:43 -0700

At 03:34 AM 8/5/98 -0700, you wrote:
>FWD  Ottawa Citizen  July 29, 1998
>When city council votes today on a proposed bylaw to rid Toronto's streets
>of squeegees and panhandlers it will be the culmination of a controversy
>that goes far deeper than a vote at city hall.

The vote on the squeegee bylaw has been postponed until October.
Meanwhile, the hate campaign being waged by the Mayor's office, the police
and some local media (specifically the Toronto Sun) continues. Two recent
Sun stories about young people brought to area hospitals suffering from
heroin overdoses speculated on whether or not they were 'squeegee kids' (
as if this has a damn thing to do with the situation) and in other recent
Sun coverage police described a spot supposedly used as a campsite by
squeegeers - which in fact was a popular spot for young people to have
clandestine parties - in the most sordid terms imaginable. 

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