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Theodore Latham (
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 02:53:13 PDT


   You said a mouthful when you pointed out that Cross Dresser URL to 
Bruce. I thank you for your support and you and all of Tedrico's Page's 
supporters will be receiving my response shortly. This is one blow to 
Homelessness and Webmasters, as well, that I intend not to let XOOM get 
away with.


Tedrico Latham

Your Informative Homelessness Resource Link!
P.O. Box 514 Rich Square, NC 27869 (252)539-4228

"WebMasters.CC Systems Administrator" <> 
>Organization: WebMasters.CC
>To: WebMaster <>
>Subject: WebMasters.CC - Thank You
>References: <>
>WebMaster wrote:
>> >>Mr Latham's site was removed because he violated our Terms of 
>> agreement.<<
>For a company who prides itself on "flashing" over 2 1/2 million served 
>your Main Page, your "unprofessionalism" purely outshines above all 
>Have you ever heard of "blind carbon copy?" A true WebMaster (company) 
>know the correct procedure and ethics. Hats off to your impecable 
>of Terms of Service" and the right to others' privacy.
>> Many of you have speculated as to what the cause was, and others have
>> made assumptions (including Mr. Latham)... none of which were 
>> It should be hard to draw such conclusions when you don't have all 
>> information
>> (and legally, I'm not allowed to give it to you... much to my 
>Legally, what you are truly saying is your other 2 1/2 million members 
>non-violators (including your own web site). You are attracting 
attention to
>yourself, which constitutes a campaign "against" Xoom and its' users, 
who as
>you stated below ".. we cannot and will not allow such violations." My
>suggestion to you? Instead of flashing numbers on your Main Page, why 
>perform a thorough search on each of your 2 1/2 MILLION users' pages in
>fairness to Mr. Latham. Will your stats remain the SAME after tomorrow? 
>and I know the answer is clearly "NO!"
>> >>While I admire the work that many of you are involved with, I must 
>> that I'm quite shocked at the attitude, threats and demands that many 
>> you conveyed to me and to Xoom.
>> And to those of you who took a calmer, more inquisitive tone, thank 
>> This was a legal issue, pure and simple.<<
>Legally yes, morally no.
>> We received a very pointed and direct complaint about a trademark
>> violation, and to keep both Xoom AND Ted Latham out of any possible 
>> conundrum, we removed the site.
>> We only provide notice of removal under specific conditions, and the
>> threat of legal action due to trademark violation is not one of those
>> conditions.
>> We're pretty clear about such violations in our Terms of Service
>> agreement, for precisely this reason.
>> While Xoom is very happy to host sites with such noble goals, we 
>> and will not allow such violations.
>Good luck and much success to you and your "noble" company. Oh and by 
>way, this is not something kids should see. I hope your site is not
>classified as "General Audience."
>Taken from:
>A tale of two tales, about cross dressing and transexuality, while
>                            Lugosi comments on life.
>                            Also Known As, "I Led 2 Lives", "The
>Transvestite", "I Changed
>                            My Sex", "Glen or Glenda: Confessions of Ed
>Wood", "He or
>                            She"
>> thank your for your attention,
>> Bruce
>> Xoom Webmaster
>Kevin Watson
>Kevin Watson, WebMasters.CC Systems Administrator
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