Re: Tedrico's Page

Theodore Latham (
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 02:42:36 PDT

You tell `em Lynn. And no .. there's nothing in trademark or copyright 
violation on my site.

-- Tedrico

Lynn Europe-Cotter <> wrote:
>Subject: Tedrico's Page
>Dear Bruce;
>Thank you for finally responding to the many inquiries regarding
>Tedrico's Page. Much of this could have been avoided with a common
>courtesy on your part. While it may not be a requirement under the
>terms and conditions of your agreement to give prior notice to the
>removal of a website, it should not have taken you 5 days to reply to
>Tedrico's numerous requests for an explanation. And unless this is no
>longer the United States of America, it seems to me that Tedrico
>should have the right to face his accuser. That the so called
>Trademark violation be verified and substantiated. So while you take
>an indignant tone to those of us who were forceful in our
>communications to you, you need to consider that you at Xoom were the
>very cause by lack of response to the many inquiries regarding this
>site. It is doubtful that you would have responded if not for the
>so-called "Threats".  Furthermore, I am still of the opinion that
>there is more to this than you are admitting. Since it is now
>impossible for me to review Tedrico's Page for trademarks, I will
>simply ask Mr. Latham because I do not recall anything that could even
>be remotely considered a trademark violation. I am very concerned
>about this entire matter and the implications and will continue to
>follow up. More specific information is needed here.
>Lynn E. Cotter
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