Re: Future of Tedrico's Page

Theodore Latham (
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 02:31:48 PDT


     I have no clue as to who may have complained and as far as what 
item on my website that is contested here goes ... I can only go by what 
I saw and you saw if you had clicked on the URL before they made it 
unaccessible to the public Monday morning between 1AM & 3AM, on the 
"Reasons Why Member Site Should be Purged" Lockout Request From Page in 
XOOM's administrative server 'Actions' directory ... which was MP3 .... 
which is a 3 Layered Motion Picure (.mpeg) and of course I had nothing 
of the likes on my site! I will be sueing most likely though.


Tedrico Latham

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Anitra Freeman <> wrote:
>Subject: Future of Tedrico's Page
>We now know what happened: somebody threatened to sue Xoom, accusing
>Tedrico of a trademark violation.  The person making the accusation did 
>apparently approach Tedrico directly.  Xoom took what is, rightly or
>wrongly, the standard industry action in such cases, removing the 
>site from service immediately.
>We are all agreed that Tedrico's Page is a valuable resource that we 
>to preserve.  
>But the question of the trademark violation will have to be resolved 
>this very precious site can be relocated anywhere.
>Tedrico, can you identify what item is contested here?  Can you 
>the individual who might have complained?
>I just want to get Tedrico's Page back up on the Web, where it belongs.
>Anitra L. Freeman, for SHARE/WHEEL
>Seattle Housing and Resource Effort
>Women's Housing Equality and Enhancement League
>Tent City 2

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