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>The below makes little sense to me; is it meant to obfuscate?
>Unless Tedrico's Page is immediately restored and accessible, I can 
>assume this is sent to delay any further action.
>I will therefore, make appointment with my University ISP and my 
>the academe may be interested in this arbitrary, and unconscionable
>Certainly my colleagues and discussion group members will be interested 
>what servers to avoid in future.=20
>Patricia Myers
>College of Education Leadership and Policy Studies
>University of Washington
>Seattle WA
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>> ----- P. Myers Wrote -----
>> Subject: Tedrico's Page
>> For some time, Tedrico's Page has been providing community building;
>> survival and personal esteem maintenance information to both homeless 
>> previously homeless, nationally...globally.
>> The influence of such an effort cannot be understated:  in addition 
>> giving us, the poorest of the poor, encouragement to define 
ourselves, in
>> the teeth of a public and federal and local governments, determined 
>> silence, oust and demonise us, this site offers an opportunity to 
>> to one another. =20
>> Can the powers that be at xoom possibly understand the social 
>> of what this site offers?  No less than the knowledge that we 
homeless, s=
>> often required to *feel alone, feared, different and unwanted...the
>> knowledge that we have a place where we are heard, welcomed and 
>> for our human and god given gifts...
>> I have access to legal council through my university (yes, I am 
>> homeless), and will be meeting with an attorney/law professor in the
>> coming week, to attempt to ascertain how and if the First Amendment
>> rights, not only of Tedrico, but his many, many "subscribers" have 
>> violated by your arbitrary, curious, and certainly unpredictable 
>> I am on some 70 focussed discussion groups.  I will also consider 
>> each member to write you with similar complaint.
>> Consider further that you may be denying people of color equal access 
>> closing this sit down without offering Tedrico an alternative.
>> Please remediate this situation with all possible speed.
>> Patricia Myers
>> College of Education, Leadership and Policy Studies
>> University of Washington
>> Seattle WA=20
>"In the depth of winter, I finally
>    learned that, within me lay an
>               invincible summer."
>                      Albert Camus

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