Future of Tedrico's Page

Anitra Freeman (anitra@speakeasy.org)
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 20:02:13 -0800

We now know what happened: somebody threatened to sue Xoom, accusing
Tedrico of a trademark violation.  The person making the accusation did not
apparently approach Tedrico directly.  Xoom took what is, rightly or
wrongly, the standard industry action in such cases, removing the disputed
site from service immediately.

We are all agreed that Tedrico's Page is a valuable resource that we want
to preserve.  I have offered to host it on one of my own websites; I and
others have suggested alternate servers.  If necessary, I think all of us
together could scrape up enough dimes for a Premium area on one of the
servers such as Tripod or Geocities, so that Tedrico wouldn't have to
juggle advertising on his pages.

But the question of the trademark violation will have to be resolved before
this very precious site can be relocated anywhere.

Tedrico, can you identify what item is contested here?  Can you identify
the individual who might have complained?

I believe that if a group of us communicated with this person we could work
out a solution that would let Tedrico's Page go up again quickly.  I also
believe, frankly, that positive results may come more quickly if
communication is done by people who have learned to, let's say, speak
strongly in a softer voice.  I don't mean to insult anybody in the group.
Passion and fire are necessary.  But there are times when they are more
necessary than others, and threatening to shoot as an opening move in
negotiations is often counter-productive.

I just want to get Tedrico's Page back up on the Web, where it belongs.

Anitra L. Freeman, for SHARE/WHEEL
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Women's Housing Equality and Enhancement League
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