Fwd: Unjustified expulsion of web user

Theodore Latham (tedrico@hotmail.com)
Mon, 03 Aug 1998 18:25:56 PDT

>From statler@jeffnet.org Sun Aug  2 23:07:29 1998
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>Date: Sun, 2 Aug 1998 23:06:40 -0700
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>Subject: Unjustified expulsion of web user
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>I understand that you have administratively expelled 
>Theodore Latham from your web server. I have communicated 
>with Theodore extensively since he asked my help in this 
>matter. As I understand the situation you have expelled him 
>for reasons that are not covered in your agreement with 
>It is a bit confusing for me, since I am neither a 
>programmer or trained in internet/intranet adminstration, 
>but I have become clear on one thing. There is a problem.
>Censorship? Personalities before principles? Unwarranted 
>excercise of power? What is your explaination?
>For what reason have you expelled him from your service?
>Thank you in advance for your considerate and prompt reply 
>to this message.
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