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>To whom it may concern;
>I am truly devastated regarding the removal of "Tedrico's Page" that
>was hosted on your server. Tedrico's Page means so many things to so
>many people, especially the homeless society in this country.
>Tedrico's Page is a work of Art,  Humanitarianism, and is chock full
>of resources for all mankind. In less than one (1) year, Tedrico's
>Page is the recipient of many www awards. Tedrico's Home Page alone
>has over 5,000 hits on its counter. Many, Many folks are very
>displeased with the way this whole matter is being handled by Xoom.
>Removing a site such as this without prior notice is unheard of. I am
>a business owner in N.Y. with many business affiliations nationwide.
>It would be in the best interest of Xoom to rectify this matter as
>soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your immediate attention.
>Kim A. Kelly
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