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><<Dear XOOM webmaster,
> My name is Maria and I am writing you about the deletion of Tedricos 
> I am a former homeless person of many years,  and I really enjoyed
> tedricos page.  
>how can you just delete something that someone worked long and hard on,
>you deleted his page, and on it, were bits and pieces of peoples lives,
>of their hearts, of their souls.   You had no right to delete the page 
>notifying tedrico and giving him a chance to remedy whatever the 
problem was,
>if there was a problem,   
>could you please tell me and all my friends and non profits that 
>contributed, and worked on Tedricos Page,  WHY you so carelessly
>deleted our work ? 
>Thank you,
>Maria Hernandez 
>Youth Watch 
>Portland, Oregon. 

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