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Theodore Latham (tedrico@hotmail.com)
Mon, 03 Aug 1998 18:11:27 PDT

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>To the XOOM staff,
>I just received a mail from my collaborator Tedrico Latham. It 
>appears that you have removed his page without prior warning and 
>without giving him any reason. 
>This is very wrong and very unprofessional of you. And even if you 
>have a reason for your actions, you should at least have the decency 
>to inform him properly.
>Your mail to a Joey was by a mistake sent to Mr. Latham instead (see 
>His page is made for homeless people, by homeless people and serves 
>as a nation-wide (even world-wide) resource library, and you should 
>be proud to host and support such a resourceful member.  I strongly 
>advice you to reconsider your decision.
>Solveig Hansen
>Oslo, Norway
>Editor Global Human Web links: 
>> Reply-To: "Abuse@Xoom.com" <abuse@xoom.com>
>> From: "Abuse@Xoom.com" <abuse@xoom.com>
>> To: "Theodore Latham" <tedrico@hotmail.com>
>> Subject: Re: Found something WEIRD in my Server Log!
>> Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 09:44:58 +0100
>> Uhhh!  Joey check this out!  Is it cool for one of our members to be 
>> able to do this?  Also this situation is getting out of hand.  One 
>> threatens lawsuit to have this site removed will now he is getting 
>> pissed and knows he has been removed.

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