Tedrico's Page Needs You!!

Terry Bevins (hpu@rocketmail.com)
Mon, 3 Aug 1998 11:04:44 -0700 (PDT)


 I have written XOOM and told them bluntly that their
actions against your site was uncalled for. And that
if they didn't do something to correct their mistake,
that I would call for an immediated boyott of their
site. I did harass them. Hopefully I got the point

 This kind of action from the people at XOOM, is the
kind of action the right-wing has been using to shut
out anyone sticking up for homeless rights. It is the
type action that should be ceased by any means
necessary. WE WILL WIN THIS ONE.

 Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I will
continue to work on this until it is resolved. Please
keep up to date on this situation.
Thank you,

Terry Bevins
Homeless Power Union
National Women's Rights Organizing Committee
Coaliton to Defend Affirmative Action (BAMN)

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