Re: Tedrico's Page needs You!!!

Anitra Again (
Sun, 2 Aug 1998 11:40:34 -0700 (PDT)

Tedrico, I will check into this myself, but I also want to second
Tom's recommendations to you:

1) Keep the moral high ground; stay calm and respectful in your own
postings to Xoom, and in the long run you will show up much better -
especially if it turns out that they took a high-handed action.

2) Look back over your content again.  I have MIDI's on Xoom, and have
had no objections to them.  Have you posted any copyright material?
Have yopu posted anything else Xoom may have objections to?

Please tell me that you have everything from your Xoom site on
backup.  If so, you can put your site up on another server.  I can
recommend several that have better dependability than Xoom.

1) -- minus points: you have advertising, a choice of a
banner or a pop-up window; you have to be a business or nonprofit
page, not a personal website (you qualify on this); plus points: you
can use CGI; you get a more personalized URL
( for instance)
VERY professional and dependable server.

2) -- Speakeasy gives me 20MB free on top of the 10MB I
pay for, because I support other nonprofit websites.  I have enough
space free now to host your site.
Minus points: For you; your URL would be something like 
For me; I'd be trusting you with my password, so that you could update
your own files.
Plus points: Speakeasy is a *very* dependable server; you can use CGI.

I think you are a sophisticated enough webdesigner to make good use of
a CGI capability.  Maybe this is time for a move?

Anitra L. Freeman