ADVISE on Homeless Caucus "key messages" to NCH Conference

Tom Boland (
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 12:27:26 -0700 (PDT)

Anitra Freeman <>
>I am going to get to meet Tom, and Virginia, and a few other folks from
>the list!  At the National Summit on Homelessness -- if there are any
>Internet terminals about, maybe we can even keep up a running
>commentary. :)

About the USA's *National Coalition for the Homeless advocacy conference*
May 1-4 in DC, which about a dozen HPNers will attend:

What *key issues and stands* do _you_ think our Homeless Caucus ought to
advocate (or demand) -- to service providers, "homeless advocates" and
government officials there?

Will anyone at the Conference will listen to what we who've "been there"
have to say about preventing and ending homelessness?  Only trying to get
our issues across will tell.  Homeless people's efforts to "unite on the
issues" and press our wants will help teach us how to "better organize"
with our homeless peers (and potential allies for homeless people's aims).

See you there, those who can make it. -- Tom Boland

PS:   Anitra also wrote us "the good news -- the trial of four SHARE/WHEEL
members arrested at last year's Tent City...*charges were dismissed*."
YIPPIE, Seattle!

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