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  I got this in email... my lights will be on.
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  Subject: Lights for America
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  Subject: Turn on lights
  Klaus (the author) is a former superintendent who feels the pain.
  Turn On Your Lights for America.
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  As I was driving to work this morning I passed by an elementary 
  school and noticed that the flag had been lowered to half-mast 
  in memory of the students and their families in Littleton, 
  Colorado. What a wonderful gesture that simple act is. But, I 
  thought to myself, what can I do to show others that I too am 
  deeply affected by this tragedy.
  Turn on a light. Turn on my headlights. Turn on my porch light. 
  But how do I get this message to others? Use the Internet. I'm 
  sending this message to everyone on my email list and am asking 
  that you do the same.
  I am going to turn on my headlights on Friday morning on my way 
  to work, on Saturday as I run my errands and especially on Sunday 
  as I go to my place of worship. I'm also going to turn on my porch 
  lights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.
  I'm going to turn on my lights for the families in Littleton to
  show them that I care about them, that I feel the pain and hurt 
  and heartache. I'm going to turn on my lights for what is right 
  about this country. I'm going to turn on my lights against the 
  darkness, the anger and the prejudice. I hope you will join me. 
  One light  is not much but put them together and we can light 
  up the world.
  Turn on your lights - show that you stand for what is right 
  about America.
  And as you turn on your headlights and porch lights this weekend; 
  turn on the light in your heart and soul. Show the world that 
  this is not what America is all about. With your light shining 
  bright, along with others, we can come together (if only for a 
  brief moment) and combat the evil that confronts us all.
  Please pass this email on to everyone on your address list. Lets
  see if we can get this message to everyone across this great country 
  before Saturday morning and use lets the Internet for what it was 
  intended - good.
  Turn on your headlights Friday, Saturday and Sunday April 23, 24, 
  and 25.
  Turn on your porch lights Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night April 
  23, 24, and 25.
  Light up America. Show that you care about what is right about 
  our country.
  Pass this email along as soon as possible.
  Klaus Driessen
  5314 Hidden Trials Drive
  Arlington, Texas 76017
  (817) 478-5134
  klaus@tenet.edu <mailto:klaus@tenet.edu>=20
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