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> from Independent Aboriginal Student Supplement The
> Argus, Lakehead University Thunder Bay, Ontario March
> 9, 1999
> article by Paul Primeau, Fort William First Nation
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> Human Genome
> In June of 1997, I began researching a thesis topic.
> That topic was "Alberta's Sexual Sterilization Act"
> which was passed in 1928 and was in operation until
> 1972. In researching the draconian act, I discovered,
> or rather uncovered, that many of Canada's respected
> people had been proponents of eugenics. Those people
> were Emily Murphy, first woman magistrate of the
> British Empire and of course, Nellie McClung, who were
> like sisters. Another eugenic proponent was J.S.
> Woodsworth, who was entirely for Canadian nationalism.
> Others were Margaret Sanger, T.C. Douglas (founder of
> the New Democratic Party). His MA thesis was about
> eugenics. However, T.C. Douglas dropped out of the
> eugenics movement due to what was happening in Germany.
> Germany's National Socialist Government adopted a
> similar eugenics program five years after Alberta
> passed its eugenics law. In other words, Canada led the
> way in eugenics. Similar to other legislation passed,
> the Sexual Sterilization Act of 1928 interfered with
> the lives of Aboriginal people.
> The act targeted the most vulnerable and we as
> Aboriginal people know who were the most vulnerable. In
> the four decades the act was in operation, the most
> targeted group were the Aboriginal people. Records show
> that Aboriginal children between the ages of 9 to 18
> years were the most frequently sterilized, never to
> procreate. Research conducted on the above topic
> inspired me to uncover evidence that the Canadian
> government has conducted numerous other experiments on
> human subjects in the same period and are still doing
> so.  For example, in the 1950's and 1960's they
> experimented with polio vaccines. The government used
> cells of dead monkeys in this experiment.
> In the 1970's they experimented by injecting live
> cancer cells into inmates in federal institutions in
> Canada. Mind control experiments were carried out in
> mental institutions and prisons through the 50's and
> 60's. In those experiments subjects were exposed to
> shock treatments, beatings that went on for days, LSD
> and many other horrendous, torturous physical/mental
> abuse. There are still cases in the Canadian courts
> today dealing with the latter. The Alberta government
> since 1996 spent $58 million in compensation to victims
> who were forcefully sterilized between 1928 to 1972. As
> of the fall of 1998, 2000 more cases were set to go to
> trial.
> Another scary project that is going on right in the US
> is the "Human Genome Diversity Project" (HGDP).  It is
> reported that in 1996 there were two Genome Projects in
> operation. The HGDP is an offshoot of the larger HGP
> (Human Genome Project) and will target the Indigenous
> people. The project's goal is to map out the human
> genome.
> Important to note is that indigenous people are the
> most researched race in the world.
> Researchers claim they want to study those origins so
> that they attain anthropological enlightenment and are
> able to figure out the true origin of human populations
> by studying the migration patterns of tribes compared
> to their present locations. It was also reported that
> 10% of the populations that were listed for this
> research were the Pima and the Ojibwe in Canada, and in
> the U.S. the Lakota and the Pomo. This HGDP project has
> many tribes in the U.S. concerned about their history.
> Recent history shows that with any kind of agreement
> offering protection to indigenous people the common
> practice is just to go in and wipe 'em out.
> The reason I am writing this article is to express a
> concern. In November 1998 before attending an
> Aboriginal Management Council (AMC) meeting, I received
> a package with a booklet entitled, "ETHICAL CONDUCT FOR
> RESEARCH INVOLVING HUMANS". This booklet was published
> by the Medical Research Council of Canada and Section
> (6) states, "research involving Aboriginal Peoples". It
> is important that students here at Lakehead University
> read this booklet.
> Too many times in our history have Aboriginal people
> been used as human guinea pigs (for research). Also
> think about this, "Why is it so important to Lakehead
> University, which already has the finest DNA lab in
> North America, to have a hospital facility as well?"
> In conclusion as our University's medical facilities
> grow, ask yourself, "What really is Paleopathology?"
> "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about
> things that matter" Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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> justice." - --song by Peter Tosh
> "If you have come to help me, you are wasting your
> time. . .But if you have come because your liberation
> is bound with mine, then let us work together."
> --Aboriginal Woman
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