Re: Displace Derelects to Develop Downtown?: 4Dism sweeps Baltimore,MD

Graeme Bacque (
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 14:45:43 -0400

Tom Boland wrote:

> Are homeless and poor people welcome in downtown business districts where
> you live?  See related article below:
> FWD  Baltimore Business Journal - 1999-04-05

In Toronto the major downtown intersection of Dundas and Yonge Streets (Yonge
being Toronto's main street) is the focus of a huge redevelopment which has
seen every building for a distance of a city block in each direction
expropriated and condemned to make way for massive new construction.

Among these is a drop-in centre and ninety-bed shelter maintained by the
Salvation Army at Victoria and Dundas Streets a block to the east. There are no
plans that I'm aware of to relocate this facility.

The temporary 100-bed shelter that was established at the former Doctor's
Hospital site last December was closed down as of Tuesday last week (April 13).
The buildings are to be razed in order to make way for a new 'long-term care'

The city claims that all the persons displaced by this closure have
subsequently been housed, but talking to folks on the street reveals quite a
different reality.

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