Re: Displace Derelects to Develop Downtown?: 4Dism sweeps Baltimore, MD FWD

Virginia Sellner (
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 12:06:49 -0600 (MDT)

That's disgusting.  Fortunately we are in a small enough town that the
downtown is not that far from other places, but basically the "historic
doewntown" is off limits to homeless or poverty programs -- but we are
technically in it -- as is our landlord NEEDS, INC> which serves the poor.
They got here before we did or before this part of the southside was
considered part of the "downtown"  -- we moved in without a problem because
it was not part of the down town then either, and we were moving in to a
place where they were already established witha a porverty program.

Baltimore should be ashamed of themselves --  cities tear things down and do
not provide for those in need as they enlarge their "downtown" areas.

I am not sure wht would happen if we decide to move -- and we need to
because we do not have anywhere near enough space here -- but one things for
sure -- one advantage we have is not being a place for sleeping, so in this
town that means there might be some additional places that we could "sneak"
into, but certainly NOT in the main downtown area which they keep enlarging
-- it's a dream they have, but since the Mall opeened there is not much
downtown, so I don't see why there is a problem or why there is a need to
enlarge the downtown area.

Virginia Sellner

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