Milwaukee Activists PROTEST homeless man's arrest: Wisconsin. USA

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FWD  Milwaukee [Wisconsin, USA] Journal Sentinel - April 14, 1999


     By Georgia Pabst of the Journal Sentinel staff

Advocates for the homeless held a rally in MacArthur Square on Tuesday to
question the treatment of a homeless man who was arrested by police last
month near N. 19th and W. Wells streets.

At least three people who witnessed the March 26 arrest of Faymond Brown
have claimed police used excessive force when officers apprehended him as
he pushed a grocery cart full of aluminum cans down the street.

During Tuesday's rally, MacCanon Brown, executive director of Repairers of
the Breach, an advocacy organization for the homeless, said police told her
that Brown, 36, a homeless man, was arrested for disorderly conduct and
resisting arrest.

She said Brown is believed to be mentally ill but harmless. He is not
related to her.

MacCanon Brown said several homeless residents of the Rescue Mission,
across the street from where the arrest occurred, said they witnessed the

She said she has taken signed statements from three witnesses who say they
saw police push the homeless man to the ground, handcuff him and then kick
him more than once.

"The witnesses said that Brown did not look good," she said. She added that
witnesses said Brown was bleeding as he was taken away by an ambulance.

She said a Milwaukee Police Internal Affairs officer told her that Faymond
Brown was released from jail after a short hospitalization and a brief stay
at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex.

Brown's present whereabouts and medical condition are unknown, she said.

MacCanon Brown also met Tuesday with police District 3 Capt. Earnell Lucas
before the rally. She said Lucas promised to look into the matter.

A representative for Police Chief Arthur Jones said there would be no
further comment from the department.

Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Rothstein is also reviewing the case.

Brown said she is scheduled to meet today with District Attorney E. Michael
McCann and Rothstein. Brown said the meeting was set up after she told
Rothstein that she will not turn over the statements from witnesses because
she fears the homeless people who gave them might suffer retaliation from
the police.

"There is a climate of fear, and a lot of homeless people are afraid," she

"Just because a person is homeless doesn't mean that they're a criminal, a
thief or a drug addict," said Dwain Berry, a former homeless person and now
director of the Repairers of the Breach drop-in center on W. Vliet St.

Repairers of the Breach said it plans to file a complaint in Faymond
Brown's behalf in connection with his March 26 arrest.


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