rosaphil (
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 16:07:11 -0400 (EDT)

you are cordially invited to attend, dress up or down or not at all,
loosen all yer inhibitions, and frolic for a good cause. bring your
cameras and videotapes if you are an afficionado for the
naked,near-naked,raw, fun, angry, jolly, jovial, silly, giggley, wiggley,
jiggley, female, male, butch, femme, top, bottom, middle, republican,
democratic, green, red, purple, choclate, cherry, tattooed, yelping,
ullulating, undulating, irateing few hours of frolic, merriment and all
for a good idealistic cause. Clothing and canines optional.

if you missed out on the sixties and want a memory in your life beyond the
abc-movie-of-the-week, or if you are an iveterate or inverterbrate
gardener, now is your time to stand up and make that move!

and if you find the love of your life in this crowd, or rekindle whatever
sparks you may want to at this event/happening, don't blame me.

i'm simply x-posting what that  someone sent me and mean merely to frolic
with my doggie
and am only occasionally searching for someone who kinda likes oversexed
300-lb 5'4"
moderately-older female
with chronic and severe and persistant mental illnesses and 
physical frailities and diseases for short walks, gardening, botany,
choclate chesecake(BROOKLYN'S JUNIORS, IF YOU PLEASE) and
multiple Toblerone orgies....

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Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 14:37:37 -0400
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    To the Email Army       From       4/15/99

         ********* PLEASE SPREAD THIS FAR & WIDE!!!  *********


    Wednesday, May 5  at 5:00PM
    Borough of Manhattan Community College
    199 Chambers Street
    (Subway to Chambers or City Hall & walk west)

New York needs community gardens, but Mayor Giuliani plans to sell
more than 100 of these neighborhood treasures to real-estate
speculators, to develop however they wish.

Thousands of New Yorkers have spoken out against this senseless
auction.  We've written letters.  We've made phone calls.  We've
lobbied politicians and testified at public hearings.

We've done everything by the book - and still the Mayor won't budge. 
So now we're calling for both a large-scale legal protest and a 
civil disobedience action outside the City's pre-auction seminar, 
one week before the planned sale.

You don't have to get arrested to send a message.  Show your support
at the legal protest.  But if you do choose to do civil disobedience,
we encourage you to attend one of these training workshops:

    Sunday, April 18    3:00-5:00PM
    Casa del Sol
    672-674 East 136th Street in the Bronx
    (6 train to Cypress Ave, walk 2 blks south to Cypress/136th)

    Sunday, April 25   3:00-6:00PM
    Park Slope Methodist Church
    6th Avenue and 8th Street in Brooklyn
    (F to Seventh Avenue or N/R to 9th Street)

    Sunday, May 2    3:00-6:00PM
    CHARAS/El Bohio Community Center
    605 East 9th Street between Aves B & C in Manhattan
    (N/R to 8th Street or F to Second Avenue & walk east)

For more information, contact:
    Brooklyn Alliance of Neighborhood Gardens (718) 399-9425
    Lower East Side Collective (212) 529-1590
    More Gardens! Coalition (212) 330-6851

For background, visit
For email alerts, write

The Mighty Email Army is a direct action-oriented list in defense of
community gardens and other public spaces, sponsored by the Lower East
Side Collective (212-774-4192;
To join, write to; feedback always welcomed.
Visit the home of public space activism,