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Company Press Release

SOURCE: E- the People

President Clinton Makes History With
Internet Petition on Health Care

- But every American can now start their own
Internet petition -- on absolutely any subject --
at an amazing new Internet Service called E-
the People. And it's absolutely free! -

NEW YORK, April 13 /PRNewswire/ -- President Bill Clinton and House and
Senate Democrats made
Internet history on Friday when they staged events in 32 states to ask
the American people to sign an Internet
petition in support of health care reform. (http://www.familiesusa.org/pbr)

But few in the audience may have realized that the average citizen now
has a simple and free way to start their
own Internet petition on any subject of their choosing through a
groundbreaking Internet service called E- the

E- the People -- located at www.e-thepeople.com -- allows citizens
concerned about local, state or federal
issues to start their own online petitions that they can target to any
of over 178,000 government officials in
over 7,800 states and towns nationwide. Users who don't know who to
complain to can find out the name of
the most responsive official merely by entering their home address and
the issue that concerns them into their
computer -- which then pulls up the appropriate person to contact to get
their problem solved fast.

``With the advent of E- the People, you no longer have to be a high tech
whiz -- or the President -- to start your
own online petition,'' says Alex Sheshunoff, the 25-year-old Yale grad
who founded E- the People in 1998.
``Just write your petition, select the recipient, and E- the People
posts it for you nationwide. It's easy, quick
and fun.''

A unique feature of E- the People makes it simple to collect signatures
online as well. Click on a button with
your mouse, and a screen pops up that lets you electronically send your
petition to friends and acquaintances
who you think would want to add their signatures to your petition.
``Collecting signatures for your petition has
never been easier,'' says Sheshunoff.

E- the People can be reached directly at www.e-thepeople.com and through
the Internet editions of numerous
daily papers as well, including the Houston Chronicle (www.chron.com)
and the New York Daily News.
(www.nydailynews.com). Over 50 of the nation's largest newspapers have
decided to incorporate E- the
People into their interactive editions, which will allow readers to
respond immediately to the news of the day.

Sheshunoff predicts that the fastest use of E- The People will occur at
the local level by people seeking to get
quick action on problems ranging from a gaping pothole to a broken park
swing. Hundreds of petitions created
by Americans from California to Maine are currently posted, with over
30,000 signatures collected to date.

SOURCE: E- the People
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