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Sat, 10 Apr 1999 21:31:34 -0700 (PDT)

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FWD  1999/04/09
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If you believe education for homeless children can save them from the
unfortunate circumstances that push them into streets of America, please read
this message. Homeless children need your help!

Since 1987, the Education for Homeless Children and Youth program (EHCY)
under the McKinney Act has brought education to thousands of homeless
children who could have been rejected by schools simply because of no
permanent address. The percentage of homeless children nationwide not
attending school regularly dropped from more than 50% to 23% from 1987 to
1993 (National Law Center on Homeless and Poverty). Under this program,
homeless students nationwide received services including
before-and-after-school tutoring, summer classes, assessment and diagnostic
services, transportation, counseling, health care, school supplies, clothing,
and family support.

Now this program needs your help to continue its mission to provide homeless
children and youth a free and appropriate public education. Here are the
crises and our responses:

1. The current authorization of the EHCY program will be expired in September,
1999. Congress needs to reauthorize the program.

2. Dollar to the Classroom Act (H.R.2) proposed to consolidate 31 federal
education programs into a block grant. The EHCY program is among the programs
to be consolidated. Because this bill does not give states specific
guidelines on how to use their grant, the worst scenario is, the funding for
education of homeless children may decrease in states that don't see this
issue as a priority. If the EHCY program is to be consolidated in this bill,
Congress should incorporate specific guidelines to ensure states'
accountability in maintaining their commitment to the education of homeless

We are mobilizing people to write to House Representatives, Senators, and the
White House to voice their concerns. Please join us. We have developed a
Defend Homeless Children's Right to Education web site
(, which contains
information on the McKinney Act, the EHCY program, the Dollar to the
Classroom Act, as well as lists of House Representatives and Senators to
contact about this important issue.

Write to your representatives, write to the White House, talk to your friends
and co-workers, or send this email out to your friends to let them know about
this issue!

Thank you for your effort.

Chun-I Lu


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