1/2-fare parity needed!

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Sat, 10 Apr 1999 20:49:54 -0400 (EDT)

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April 8, 1999
Press Release
MTA Half Fare Fairness Coalition

This week, Ms. Laurie Flynn, Executive Director of the National Alliance for 
the Mentally Ill, with its more than 200,000 members, announced their full 
support for the Half Fare Fairness Bills that would expand the MTA's Half 
Fare to include S.S.I./Medicaid recipients with major mental illness in the 
Half Fare Program.

The Coalition to end this decade old discriminations now includes more than 
250,000 mental health consumers, providers, family members, and non-mental 
health organizations including the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill 
(NAMI), the Straphangers Campaign, the Mental Health Law Committee of the New 
York City Bar Association, the New York Association of Psychiatric 
Rehabilitation Services (NYAPRS), the Coalition of Voluntary Mental Health 
Agencies, Project Renewal, Fountain House, the Association for Community 
Living, and others.

Passing the MTA Half Fare Fairness Bills will end a decade-long pattern of 
discrimination against S.S.I./Medicaid recipients with severe mental illness, 
by providing them with the Half Fare currently enjoyed by S.S.D.I./Medicare 
recipients with identical mental illnesses, and by S.S.I./Medicaid recipients 
with physical disabilities or mental retardation.  If this important 
legislation is enacted, S.S.I./Medicaid recipients with severe mental illness 
will be able to travel to, and attend more regularly, their mental health 
treatment and rehabilitation programs and, thereby, move forward with their 

Passing the MTA Half Fare Fairness Bills will eliminate the discrimination 
against SSI/Medicaid recipients with severe mental illnesses by ensuring 
access to affordable transportation. Without affordable transportation, the 
ability of people with severe mental illnesses to access necessary medical 
treatment or travel to jobs is seriously impaired.

Passing the MTA Half Fare Fairness Bills will bring the MTA's Half Fare 
Program into compliance with existing New York State Human Rights Law that 
prohibits discrimination based on type of disability.  It will also make the 
practices of the MTA in New York City consistent with those in other parts of 
New York such as Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, Utica, Nassau and Suffolk County 
and elsewhere.

We simply seek equity in transportation for S.S.I./Medicaid recipients with 
severe mental illness so that they may attend more regularly mental health 
programs, receive services and move forward with their recovery.

For more information call.

Fred Levine
Fountain House


Glenn Liebman
Executive Director

Harvey Rosenthal
Executive Director