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* * * 1) May Day Mobilization Summary * * * * * * * *

Wisconsin May Day Mobilization for a People's Budget
  sponsored by the Earth Day to May Day Coalition

Rally & March - Sat. May 1 - 2pm - State Capitol
   State Street entrance

Tommy Thompson's Proposed State Budget Would:
        Privatize the UW System & Deny Technical College Funding
        Increase Tuition at the UW-Madison at Twice the Rate of Inflation
        Boost Corporate Welfare by over $250 million
        Eliminate State Commitment to Fund 2008 Diversity Programs
        Increase Prison Building by Close to $100 million
        Eliminate State Funding for Recycling Programs
        Put the State on Course to Pave WI to the Sound of $20.1 Billion
        Spend Over $600,000 to Promote the Dismantling of Welfare Safety Net
        Privatize Wisconsin Public Television and Radio

Who drafted the budget?
  Corporate lobbyists, or working people?  It's plain to see.

 It's time to demand a budget that serves the
      needs of the people of Wisconsin.

  If we don't speak out, they will assume that our
  silence equals agreement.  We can't afford to be silent.

* * *

Important Dates relating to the State Budget:

Joint Finance Committee Budget Hearings
3/26 - Green Bay
4/8 - Racine
4/13 - Stevens Point
4/14 - Osceola
4/15 - Madison

Rally for Education
4/15 Noon - State Capitol

May Day Mobilization Press Conference
4/19 10am - State Capitol Assembly Parlour

Rally for Long-Term Care for Children, People
w/Disabilities & the Aging
4/19 Noon - State Capitol

Worthy Wage Day Rally for Childcare Workforce
5/1 1pm - State Capitol

May Day Mobilization for a People's Budget
5/1 2pm - Rally & March from Capitol to Peace Park

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