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Thu, 08 Apr 1999 13:26:29 -0700

My mother died of cancer. She wished she could use the help of Jack

I support his actions to the fullest! If you want to talk about oppressed
brothers and sisters, you should consider that terminal cancer and other
diseases are oppression. The medical community care only of making profit
and little of finding cures.

Remember that we should all have a choice with our lives. If it's release
from pain and suffering then that should also be our choice. 

This kind of rhetoric is used by right-wing religous fanatics who are
anti-abortion, anti-Kevorkian but pro-bombing of Iraq and Yugoslavia and
pro-death penalty. The hypocrisy is astounding!

If I were at in that city I'd be on the other side. Thanks for the tip.
I'll write to the judge right now.

C. P. Odekirk

At 07:23 AM 4/8/99 -0400, Thomas Cagle wrote:
>People with disabilities took a BIG STEP toward winning the equal
>protection of the law when Jack Kevorkian was convicted of 2nd degree
>murder and unlawful use of a controlled substance on March 26th, but
>it's not over yet.  There is no mandatory minimum sentence.  But we all
>know that he must be in prison if the lives of our oppressed brothers
>and sisters are to be safe from his "crusade" to kill what he calls
>"mortally diseased or crippled lives . . . [which] can only enhance the
>preservation of public health and welfare."  (Court testimony, 1991.)
>April 13 is Kevorkian's sentencing day.  It is also Holocaust
>Remembrance Day.  In most Holocaust ceremonies, the over 200,000
>disabled people who were the Holocaust's first victims will get little or
>no mention.  Now is the time for all of us to remember our dead--those
>killed in Hadamar, in the Children's Hospital of Oklahoma, in
>Willowbrook, in orphanages in the People's Republic of China -
>and at the hands of Jack Kevorkian, the man who told the jury he
>found a "FINAL SOLUTION" for Thomas Youk.
>Not Dead Yet has made a laminated poster-quilt of Kevorkian's victims
>and will be conducting memorial services and an all-night vigil for
>Kevorkian's victims before his sentencing proceeding in Pontiac, MI.
>The schedule is:
>Monday, April 12, 5:00 pm:      Memorial Service at Courthouse,
>                                      1200 N. Telegraph
>Monday night:                  All night vigil at Courthouse
>Tuesday, April 13, 10:00 am:    Memorial Service (repeat)
>Tuesday, April 13, 1:30 pm:     Sentencing hearing
>There will be a lift-equipped van shuttle and shared hotel rooms for
>"respite" from the vigil when needed.  If you wish to attend all or part
>of these events, please contact one of us:
>Diane Coleman (708)209-1500 ext. 11, email
>Carol Cleigh (847)869-8185, email
>You know that pro-Kevorkian zealots, wannabes and groupies will be
>writing to Judge Cooper, and so must we.  Talk about his other victims,
>talk about what it would have meant to you and/or your disabled friends
>if Kevorkian had been there when you were first injured, or in the midst
>of disability oppression "burn-out."
>Write:  Judge Jessica Cooper, Oakland County Court, 1200 N. Telegraph,
>                                             Pontiac, MI  48341,
>                                             FAX (248) 858-1516.
>MiCASSA personal assistance, coming to a legislature near you!
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