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Police surrounded her
The Province

Holly Horwood , Staff Reporter The Province

Coquitlam RCMP say they were just doing their
job when they used three police cars to pull over a
severely disabled woman in an electronic wheelchair.

Police spokesman Cpl. Peter Markgraf says it was
a natural assumption to believe they were dealing
with a runaway patient from Riverview psychiatric

"They're usually off their medication, and usually
dangerous," Markgraf said. "We do have a problem
with Riverview being in our area . . . our position was
to basically make sure she was OK."

But Cathy Evenson, the woman who was reported to
police by a passing motorist as driving erratically and
wearing "hospital greens," figures the police goofed
-- and goofed badly.

She wants an apology.

"I'm getting tired of being harassed by the police," said
Evenson, 51, who was pulled over last August by police
for the same reason.

In that instance, a Riverview van was called before the
matter was clarified.

In the most recent encounter, Evenson was motoring
down a quiet section of Kingsway near Broadway in
Port Coquitlam when she was surrounded by police cars.

They parked in front, to the side, and behind her, blocking
her way.

"I said, 'What's the matter?'" recalled Evenson, who has
lived in the area for 29 years and was wearing a green
jacket and T-shirt.

"They said, 'Someone reported you driving on the street.'

"Well, there's no sidewalks -- what am I supposed to do?
They were just ignorant of disabled persons. They didn't
bend down to talk with me. They talked down to me. I'm
sick of it."

Evenson, who suffers from severe cerebral palsy,
says she gave the officers her name and address,
although the police report does not indicate that.

It also indicates a dispatcher asked for one car,
although three turned up for safety reasons, says

"If the members were ignorant and she has a
complaint, then we are accountable," said Markgraf.

"I make no apologies for officers if they are less sensitive
than they should be."
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