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P. Myers (
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 16:00:18 -0700 (PDT)

Tom, I saw this's such a great example of how 
people with common problems can reach across arbitrary 
nation-state borders and begin to build coalitions of
power...from the grassroots.

Thanks for posting!  pat myers

On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, Tom Boland wrote:

> FWD  From: Kensington Welfare Rights Union <>
> Members of the Kensington Welfare Rights Union Meet with Homeless
> and Housing Leaders from the Assembly of Neighborhoods in Mexico City
> April 6, 1999
> In a wall to wall packed room, members of the KWRU participated in the
> Assembly of Neighborhoods meeting. The meeting seemed very similar to
> KWRU membership meetings, upcoming evictions of the groups members were
> discussed with the plan on how to deal with them as well as problems of
> resources for the organization. Members of KWRU were able to engage in
> an intense dialogue about the struggles of poor people trying to stay
> alive in the US and the importance of building alliances with the people
> of Latin America. They were warmly greeted with chants such as 'Si se
> puede' 'You can do it' and 'Dura' 'Strength'. Many members took down the
> information regarding the March of the Americas and we discussed the
> possibility of Mexico's mascot of the poor and homeless 'Superbarrio'
> participating in the
> March.
> Prior to the meeting with the assembly of neighborhoods, the day got off
> to a rocky start where we travelled to the housing projects in order to
> get acupuncture after Cheri twisted her neck.
> We also were treated to a lovely lunch with Luis Lopez Alvarro and his
> wife Christina who had just returned from Thailand where they were doing
> research on alternative currency and attending another conference of
> academics.
> ---
> Miembros de la Kensington Welfare Rights Union se reunieron con
> personassin casas y lideres de la vivienda de la Asemblea de Barrios en
> la Ciudadde Mexico. En un cuarto, pared a pared, lleno con gente,
> miembros del KWRUparticiparon en la reunion de Asemblea de Barrios. La
> reunion parece muysimilar a las reuniones de miembros del KWRU por la
> discussion de desalojasactuales de sus miembros y los planes para
> evitarlos y tambiČn porla plactica de la problema de la falta de
> recursos para la organizaciŪn.Miembros del KWRU pudieron participar en
> un dialogo intenso sobre las luchasde gente pobres tratando de
> sobrevivir en los Estados Unidos y la importanciade hacer allianzas con
> la gente de America Latina. Les saludaron el KWRUcon gritas de 'Si se
> puede' y 'Dura'. Muchos miembros apuntaron la informacionpara La Marcha
> de Las Americas y discutieron la posibilidad de la mascotade los pobres
> en Mexico 'Superbarrio' participar en la Marcha.
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