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Members of the Kensington Welfare Rights Union Meet with Homeless
and Housing Leaders from the Assembly of Neighborhoods in Mexico City

April 6, 1999

In a wall to wall packed room, members of the KWRU participated in the
Assembly of Neighborhoods meeting. The meeting seemed very similar to
KWRU membership meetings, upcoming evictions of the groups members were
discussed with the plan on how to deal with them as well as problems of
resources for the organization. Members of KWRU were able to engage in
an intense dialogue about the struggles of poor people trying to stay
alive in the US and the importance of building alliances with the people
of Latin America. They were warmly greeted with chants such as 'Si se
puede' 'You can do it' and 'Dura' 'Strength'. Many members took down the
information regarding the March of the Americas and we discussed the
possibility of Mexico's mascot of the poor and homeless 'Superbarrio'
participating in the

Prior to the meeting with the assembly of neighborhoods, the day got off
to a rocky start where we travelled to the housing projects in order to
get acupuncture after Cheri twisted her neck.

We also were treated to a lovely lunch with Luis Lopez Alvarro and his
wife Christina who had just returned from Thailand where they were doing
research on alternative currency and attending another conference of


Miembros de la Kensington Welfare Rights Union se reunieron con
personassin casas y lideres de la vivienda de la Asemblea de Barrios en
la Ciudadde Mexico. En un cuarto, pared a pared, lleno con gente,
miembros del KWRUparticiparon en la reunion de Asemblea de Barrios. La
reunion parece muysimilar a las reuniones de miembros del KWRU por la
discussion de desalojasactuales de sus miembros y los planes para
evitarlos y tambiČn porla plactica de la problema de la falta de
recursos para la organizaciŪn.Miembros del KWRU pudieron participar en
un dialogo intenso sobre las luchasde gente pobres tratando de
sobrevivir en los Estados Unidos y la importanciade hacer allianzas con
la gente de America Latina. Les saludaron el KWRUcon gritas de 'Si se
puede' y 'Dura'. Muchos miembros apuntaron la informacionpara La Marcha
de Las Americas y discutieron la posibilidad de la mascotade los pobres
en Mexico 'Superbarrio' participar en la Marcha.


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