Re: Mothers losing children in Welfare Reform's wake: Wisconsin

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Sun, 4 Apr 1999 16:07:02 -0700 (PDT)

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This is absolutely intolerable that americans have to give up their
children in order to secure a place to sleep... I think we need to bring
this situation to the attention of NATO... It seems to me that massive
air strikes are required on the capital in order to restore civility and
kindness to the regional Government. 

I am outraged that the UN has done nothing to help solve the human
suffering in the United States. I hear a constant barrage from the media
in regards to the Butcher of Baghdad and the similaities between
Slobidan Milosivic and Hitler... But never a word about the Leader of
the Free World who has turned his back on his own...  I say bring home
the troops, disolve NATO, stop the War on Drugs and lets take care of
our own....People are hungy and in need here in the USA, drug abuse is
not a crime, only an illness and there is no war....I want a President
not a leader of the free world....How free is a world that is bombed
into submission...

They are doing the same thing to us "bombing that is" submit or be
homeless. Submit or go to jail, be the same as everyone else, believe
like we tell you to. Do as I say or else....I have had enough of "them
and their shit" ... Lets make a change to "Do as we the people tell you
to or out of office.... Let them see what life on the street is like.
Politicians that is....Clinton, Barr, Lott, Forbes, Bush, Dole and the
list goes and on.... 

Hey BTW Happy Easter everyone....mike  

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