Boston Police Station Hosts Homeless Task Force: Gardens to feed

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What do you think of the two projects cited below?
Will the projects help homeless people?
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FWD   Boston Globe   April 4, 1999   page 05

      BOSTON NOTES Compiled By Mary Hurley

      [two excerpts]


FENWAY - The volunteer Fenway Garden Society, which tends the nearly 450
community garden plots in the Fenway Victory Gardens, plans to launch a
project April 24 to help feed the homeless.

Plant a Row for the Hungry is a national program developed by the Garden
Writers Association of America to encourage gardeners to plant extra rows
of fruits and vegetables to donate to local shelters and food distribution
agencies. The Victory Gardens, created during World War II, are the city's
oldest community gardens, and so far are the only gardens in the state
participating in this program.

''I think we'll be the model that other gardens will use to start their
programs,'' said Cordell Joseph of the garden society. ''I think we will
have a good participation rate.''

Four area shelters will receive the produce, Joseph said, which is expected
to include lettuce and corn, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries,
even bouquets of flowers.

Co-organizer of the campaign is SafeScience Inc., a Boston biotechnology
company. Planting seeds at the 11:30 a.m. launch party at the gardens
opposite 11 Park Drive will be Jacqui Heriteau, national director of the
project, and Mort White, host of the nationally syndicated ''The Magic

For more information, call 617-267-6650.


The Community Task Force on Homelessness, formed in 1995 by Boston Police
Captain Ronald Conway of Area A, District 1, which includes downtown,
Beacon Hill, the North End, and Charlestown, has published a brochure
providing hints for people on how to help the homeless they pass on the
street. It includes addresses and phone numbers for downtown shelters,
community services, and outreach teams. The group is working on a list of
resources for the homeless themselves, said Police Sgt. Tom Lema.

Made up of social service providers, city officials, and representatives of
local churches and businesses, the task force tries to help those in need
by educating them, and the community at large, about resources.

The next monthly meeting of the task force is April 13 at 10 a.m. in the
second-floor guard room of the District 1 police station, 40 New Sudbury
St. Call 343-4238.


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