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As the Nation's first block grant for housing, the HOME Investment
Partnerships Program (HOME) provides resources to address housing needs
identified by States and local governments.  Created by the National
Affordable Housing Act of 1990, HOME allocates funds by formula in a block
to States, urban counties, cities, and specially authorized consortia of
jurisdictions for a variety of housing activities. Unlike earlier Federal
housing programs that limited States and localities to the special purposes
of each program, HOME gives State and local officials the authority to
choose how to spend housing dollars to meet local needs.

"HOME has made a substantial contribution to State and local housing
efforts," conclude researchers from the Urban Institute in "Expanding the
Nation's Supply of Affordable Housing: An Evaluation of the HOME Investment
Partnership Program."  The evaluation, sponsored by HUD, is the culmination
of 4 years of research. It analyzes numerous trends and characteristics of
the Nation's first block grant for housing.

The researchers found that HOME's flexibility enables participating
jurisdictions to devise and implement housing programs that respond to
locally defined needs. In contrast to some predictions, the more complex of
the program's provisions have not deterred local officials and developers
from using HOME. Program officials clearly understand the HOME requirements
and are using the funds productively, often in combination with other
Federal, State, and local funds. Although a majority of HOME funds continues
to support construction and rehabilitation of rental housing, funding has
slowly shifted from rental to homeowner housing.

"Expanding the Nation's Supply of Affordable Housing: An Evaluation of the
HOME Investment Partnership Program" is available from the HUD USER web site
at:  Copies are also
available from HUD USER for $5.00.

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