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Subject: GLOBAL EMERGENCY ALERT: Capital Hills Global Peace Park & Vigil 
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 14:16:19 -0800

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RE:  Rainbow Family Global Emergency Alert
        Peace Prayer Vigil to Stop World War Three

Along the main route from Central California across the mountains from
Bakersfield to Mojave, the highway passes through the Tehachapi Valley.  
the middle of the three Freeway exits (labeled Mill Street), on the 
side, is a location locally known as Capital Hills.   This is a stalled 
estate development, ten years old, of 2000 acres with about 100 acres of
land already improved with streets, street lights, underground 
etc., but no buildings yet except a 24 hour Arco gas station and 
the new Tehachapi Post Office, and just now under construction, a 
restauraunt (next to the Arco) slated for June 1st opening.

The immediate thing of interest is that this whole area of streets 
to the Arco is a good place for travelers to stop and rest, etc.  RV's 
park overnight or for a couple of days and are not bothered by anyone.  
it is an open public rest stop type area.

The land is owned by two partners, one of whom has expressed a deep 
in donating land for a Global Community Center Peace Park (about 
10acres) as
well as land for the construction of a new science (free-energy, etc.)
research center as a new focus and centerpiece to revive public interest 
the future development of this planned rural "Technopolis" for 
age companies to build business and residential facilities with horse
trails, etc.

If you are interested in collaborating on an ongoing long term effort to 
a part of this Capital Hills Peace Center Project, please email to me 
off of
this list.  I am interested in the idea of visits here by serious folks 
an ongoing basis this spring and summer leading up to an August 17th 
Hills ten year groundbreaking anniversary ceremony in conjunction with 
August 14th 90th year anniversary of the incorporation of the City of
Tehachapi. (ie, gathering for ceremonies Aug 14-17, 1999)

As soon as possible that resources are available, a large mobile-home
trailer-office type facility can be installed with computers, phones, 
electric, plumbing, etc., on an interim basis until actual construction.
Back country facilities can be established in other outlying areas of 
valley (south side has conifer forests).

Plunker has recently visited this site and expressed enthusiasm for the
potential of it, suggesting a large white rock lettering sculpture on 
landscape, analogous to the "Hollywood" sign but reading "Global Peace 
or "Global Peace Now!", as a way to draw attention to the positive
development of this area which is in full view of the major freeway 
en route between San Francisco and Arizona/Nevada.

An initializing vision would be for the establishment of a Global Peace
Prayer Vigil on part of the already designated Peace Park landsite which 
street parking on its edge.   This vigil would be centered by the 
Peace Lattice we had in People's Park in Berkeley last month during the
Global Crisis Solutions Conference events (Yamato will be through here 
in a
few days to drop it off) and also the display of the Peace Pole for
Jerusalem.   From this vigil would be the opportunity via local media 
support, along with that of visitors who see the Prayer Vigil from the
highway and drop by, to actually outreach the Rainbow Family message for
global peace on an international publicity level starting immediately 
focus on ceremonies and councils regarding "Global Peace Now!" as an
alternative to World War Three now begun in Yugoslavia.

There are presently no financial resources available for this effort so
anyone who comes or wants to help should keep this in mind and network 
time goes by to remedy this situation in order to take full advantage of
this amazing opportunity.

This site is at 4,000 feet elevation at the north end and center of this
approximately 25 square mile valley at the extreme southern tip of the
Sierra range.   Nearby community  of Tehachapi and outlying areas 
10-20,000 folks.   Great opportunity for  long term possibilities, New
Year's 2000 and Y2K retreat.

Serious self-sufficient and responsible folks are sought to help form
ongoing large scale global peace community to influence local and global
peace economy.

David Crockett Williams, Coordinator
Capital Hills Global Community Peace Center (CHGCPC)
General Agency Services
Global Emergency Alert Response

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