oped bashes Jenning's claim NYC hides homeless, support of Fonda

Tom Boland (wgcp@earthlink.net)
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 23:05:24 -0700 (PDT)

FWD New York Post editorial 04-27-98


Early Friday morning on CBS, one of the nation's
most respected newsmen made an ass of himself. It
wasn't just that ABC anchorman Peter Jennings
praised Jane Fonda for her recent idiocy about
people starving to death in the great state of Georgia;
he actually complained that Rudy Giuliani's policies
have brought an end to the city's homeless shanty town.

Liberal media bias?


Appearing on CBS's "Late Late Show with Tom
Snyder" on April 24, Jennings described the kind of
poverty he has seen abroad and then went into this
spiel: "I was thinking about what Jane Fonda said
the other night about North Georgia and how she
thought North Georgia was not unlike parts of the
developing world and some politicians in Georgia
jumped all over her."

Snyder: "When was she in North Georgia? Well yes
she lives in Atlanta."

Jennings: "She lives in Atlanta. And the truth of the
matter is there are parts of America which are just as
bad as some of the worst parts in the rest of the
world and that's desperately sad."

Oh? How about Rwanda? North Korea? Does
Jennings really believe this, or is he just preening?

He might really believe it. After all, here's what he
said about Giuliani's effort to get the homeless off
the streets of New York City, but that has hardly
pleased Jennings. "There are none of those little
shanty towns anymore, they've all been pushed
away. Some people may think that's a good thing
but I always thought it was sad that we hide the
homeless because, because it's a fact of life and I
also think it's incumbent upon the rest of us to
recognize the homeless and see the homeless and
look the homeless in the eye because there's no
lower status in life than to be without a place to

It's nice to know that, as Jennings frantically tries to
hide his bald spot with shoe polish (see Tom
Rosenstiel's book, "Strange Bedfellows," for the
details), he's busy worrying that other people aren't
looking the homeless in the eye.

We've heard of limousine liberals before. But
limousine morons?


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