Fw: M-NEWS: Mayday demo in Riverside, California

Bruce D. Burleson (anvil@quik.com)
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 19:01:04 -0400

> From: Margie Akinby way of Tom Condit <tomcondit@igc.apc.org>
> To: marxism-news@lists.village.Virginia.EDU
> Subject: M-NEWS: Mayday demo in Riverside, California
> Date: Tuesday, April 28, 1998 11:47 PM
> Dear friends and friends of friends,
> A big labor rally is going to take place in Riverside on May Day,
> Friday, the first Mayday demonstration in Riverside in about half a
> century.  You are invited!  If you can't make it, or if you can, please
> forward this message to anyone you know in Southern California who might
> possibly be able to attend the demonstration and help show workingclass
> solidarity with the workers employed by Riverside County and represented
>      The demonstration will begin at 11:00 AM at the County
> Administrative Center on Lemon Street between Tenth and Twelfth
> Streets.  There is adequate parking for those who are a little early,
> and parking within four blocks for everyone.  Precise planning of the
> demonstration, which will include a very short march, is still
> underway.  The event will conclude by 1:00 PM.
>      If you intend to attend, please send a reply to Kevin Akin (at
> Margie Akin's e-mail address) saying who is coming.  The organizers are
> trying to keep fairly precise count of those expected, and every little
> bit helps.  We are aiming for attendance of about 1,000 and expect to
> come pretty close.  In fact, in addition to being the first Mayday
> demonstration in half a century, we think it will be Riverside's largest
> labor rally of the twentieth century.  (Previous record:  Just short of
> 1,000 at a night-time PERC/SEIU rally earlier this year, exceeding 800
> in 1981 at a Solidarity Day rally.)  Many Riverside County workers are
> off on alternate Fridays, and the larger number happen to be off on
> Mayday this year.
>    The rally is specifically intended to show the public, and the
> backward members of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, that the
> workers and their union are determined and have public support in their
> refusal to accept an ugly take-away contract already forced on another
> county union.  However, as the union leaders and many of the workers are
> aware that Mayday is International Labor Day, some Mayday-related
> celebratory aspects of the demonstration will appeal to those outside
> the one particular union.  Members of all other unions, and the general
> public, are invited to attend and show their support.   Those in
> attendance will include Margie Akin, the pro-labor candidate for County
> Supervisor in the Fifth District, possibly other candidates, and members
> of the County Central Committees of the Peace and Freedom, Green, and
> Democratic Parties.
>    If you can possibly attend, come along.  You will have fun, and soak
> up the solidarity from a big crowd of friendly, determined union members
> and supporters.  In any case, have a great Mayday!
> Margie Akin <makin@citrus.ucr.edu>